Security on T420

T420 understands that your information is personal to you. Here are some of the things T420 does to help secure your information

T420 does not ask for any personal information

Stay confidential. T420 only ask for an email address, so T420 can email you a secure sign in link

T420 does not need to know your name, Date Of Birth, Address, so we dont even ask

Zero Password Logins

T420 is a website, allowing you to log in from your mobile or computer. Which means you need an account

Passwords are always a pain to remember and often the weakest area of security You can only log in to the website via a link sent to your email

Information stored encrypted

Your strain names and notes are stored using AES-256-CBC cipher encryption

This means your information can not be read by anyone but you

Helping to ensure, in a worst case scenario, your private information remains as private as possible

Delete account

If your wish to have all your data removed, you can delete your account

Strain Names you control

No pre-selected list of strains, enter the name how you wish